i miss you!!

we've been friends since primary days..straight from grade first to sixth..then our path as classmates met again at 4th year level..we are indeed partners in crime..you helped me, vice versa..we jive, we enjoyed..we are law abider's..not categorized as anti social coz we are just a curious youth..Lol..until the day your prince charming arrived..you forgets me and i am then alone..i decided to find another companion..in times of tough we still have both shoulders to lean on..though we've got a lot around, we tho not forget each other..i miss you friend.. i miss our days together.. Happy Birthday.. I can't be there to nomo with you guys..Enjoy!

jean  – (November 12, 2008 at 9:48 AM)  

wow!!! it was so touching... thank you friend! i miss you too... when you have your right one now, you also forget me.. patas lng dude!!! hehe

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