sad semestral break..

it's a month to celebrate again and it will be always..hahaha..we planed a night swimming with huny's berks and as always expected also with my buddies bru and dyosa..unfortunately huny's peeps didn't show off, huny was mad bout that..but good thing he didn't let the party spoiled at!..huny became our joker and silence breaker..hahaha..bru and bhadz wasn't used to huny's actions and attitude but they enjoyed shows to their laughs! i've been a lazy blogger recently..i even didn't had time to post what had happened every our special day of each month..tsk..tsk..well back in here! i am at home!..home..home..home.. but I'm quite's been 72 hours i never touched, hold caressed and kissed my huny.. i am used to it when it's school i miss him a lot..hay!.. well very well done! that swimming,our 24 day, was the last day to be together,..huhuhu T_T..some students felt great when semestral break comes, not me..i am not included to those guys..semestral break means far away from huny..he said he feel the same..earlier he texted me "i never think of any other woman at all,i just think and look forward that semestral break will be over and you will be back again here"..("di na nga sumasagi sa isip ko ang mangbabae pa..naiisip q n lang malapit na ulit pasukan m sa school at magkaksama na ulit tayo") how sweet and touching.. i know my huny is like a flower that has lot of bees(bitches)hehe around trying to steal him from me but he is absolutely faithful and loyal to me!..i love you for i miss u!..tomorrow I'm going to the mass and try to drop by at your office..happy 26th month together..i love you always.

Lover Boy and Girl  – (November 2, 2008 at 8:38 PM)  

That was a great swimming escapade. Though it's quite sad, the good thing is all of you were able to overcome it.

Take care!

kha  – (November 3, 2008 at 6:31 PM)  

yup you're wasn't planned to be as few as we were..luckily we had this innate happy mode..hehehe..tnx for dropping by..

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