soo in love!

were about to celebrate the 24 fever but since it was dated Monday, wherein i have no class and need to come home, i was about to advance my gift to my honey as early as Friday(November 20)..though the whole week didn't seem to be great on us, i was of coarse and still loving you most my huny..i decided to bought him a branded shirt as an addition to his collections(my huny is really a branded stuffs lover) with the help of Bru(i owe you a one,a bru date some time..hehehe)..i had to leave it at his house and made some letter..just to be kinda pasweet..hehehe.. and gladly he like it and love it my efforts were appreciated..thank you honey.. and i will never get tired of surprising you (if the situation permits ha) in soo many ways i know..indeed you were doing the same..and am so loving it too.. i just told to the guys(our friends) that you were almost likely a God..hehehe.. cause i just gave you one but you returned it more than on its equal..thank you honey really thank you so much..

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