Not a Handy Man

He's superb in computers.
He's updated in Information Technology stuff.
He's a gadget buff.
He's playful daddy.
He's superb.
He's almost perfect for us.

---but he's not a Handy Man.

Yeah, He isn't. Carpentry such stuff is not for him. I am once laughed him about it when we were still two living in an apartment. Most of the time if I want to fix such stuff, I have to make it on my own. I cannot depend on him doing it or he will say pay someone to fix it for you. During those times I only thought that he was just being generous and playing lazy don't want to make his hands dirty. But today, as we practice a practical living, I found out the real reason. Hammer, nails and other carpentry tools isn't his friends. He can work with screws and screw driver IF it is for computers and computer casing and printers but not on woods, broken chairs or tables etc. The good thing about it is that, I myself love doing such carpentry works because of my endless DIY ideas. So we need not to argue who will hold and keep the hammer. Heehee.

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