I Thank God for This Day

I can't thank God enough that angels sent you to your mom. You were born, nourished and grew up to be a better person. Your far from perfect yet we loves you that much. I guess that's the magic of love that binds us. Acceptance, understanding and loving despite and in spite of.  The moment I knew you seven years ago, you were far from that person now. Everyday your growing and maturing. Like a lady that blossoms beautifully, that's how you grew as well. Day by day turning into better and better person.

I know we sometimes have misunderstanding, conflicts and issues--- but we're surpassing all of those. We're not perfectly match made from heaven, instead we're two ultimately opposite individual who forced our love story to turned out to reality. Which we (isn't it? :D ) never regret doing so. We have a long journey waiting ahead of us and I know we will face it all together as a cheerful , tough and loving family.

Cheers to this day! The same day my heart melts (as it pours to yours :D ) . More birthdays Daddy. Second year we celebrated it as a family and another gift to you our baby boy :D (as you say so precious gifts enough you received from HIM).

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