Because We We're One

This post isn't for a friend who recently get into trouble because of her attitude about being impulsive most especially if it all about her love life. (don't worry ta hindi to patama hehehe, thanks to you I've got an idea what to post ). Impulsiveness will never ever be a good content in a relationship. Whether it's friendship, family, best friends especially husband and wives. I was once had this attitude and as I go through along my life journey, little by little I realizes things and my attitudes that needs to be corrected. Maybe this is what they called maturity that strikes me. I maybe not fully matured but at least I can control my emotions now not unlike when I was a teen. I admit, I am an impulsive freelancer that always gets into trouble even if it's not my own trouble. And as  I assessed those situation happened in my life before, it ain't that good to share with my kids. Literally means I need to change not for anyone but solely for myself.  It all started within me. I admit recently our marriage is going through a lot of tests. Our patience, our love , our respect for each other and how longer can we bear or need to bear or work things out. Every marriage is going through in some sort of obstacles and we're not exempted on it. The thing that keeping us work everything is our love for each other, for our little family and our trusts that God will never let us to be with each others arms if we weren't meant to be.
How I managed my emotion despite big troubles and mind bursting fights?
I pray. Seriously I am not that religious person but when it comes to our (couple's problem) I just pray. I am not telling it to mom, nor his mom or to my friend or our common friends. Because everyone has an opinion and in a relationship others opinion most of the time isn't exactly for the good. Especially if they heard only your stories or only his side of story. In addition, they have to tell something would have ease the pain but can crack a little to you relationship with your partner. So listen to your heart, pray and assess yourself . It's not being martyr it's more of being responsible and mature enough handling personal relationships.
Impulsiveness will lead you to nowhere but a heartache. Both of you. As I always remember the homily (I don't know if it's homily actually) maybe an advice, by the priest whom officiate our wedding ceremony that we we're one. Treat each other as if it was yourself. You are one in God's eye so if he/she's in trouble save her/him. From that day on you will not be complete without each other. Your completeness composed the two of you. This words that I take by heart. So whatever  I did, I always thought both of us is responsible and I don't want to take chances of getting into trouble, hurting forever just because of impulsiveness.

Jean  – (May 17, 2013 at 11:34 PM)  

hahahah... nkakuha tlga ng idea ah! hehe! mkapagpost nga din about jan, hehe... anyways, tnx sa advise... i know what to do next time, hehe

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