Unhealthy Lifestyle

I admit "masarap ang bawal" that we, couple did enjoy doing unhealthy activities for about a year more now because it feels good. I know and I am still 100% aware of what and where we are right now in our state of health. Having a second baby this soon, makes me realize to make everything right. But this is only a thought that I can't pursue to my husband. I have a hard headed man with me. He listens but he never took actions. A formerly gym addict now acting like a couch potato. I really don't know how and what to do more to make him start a good diet and an exercise. I don't want to make things reach first its worst before he took an action. I am threatening him of different illnesses ( and this is facts) he might have if he continues his sinful diet. But I felt like it didn't make sense to him. I also asks her mother to help me convinced him, her family as well but no one beats his hard head. I started to take care of my diet the day I found out I am pregnant. I may not be that health conscious but understanding the thought of our little angel inside me is all I think of to make things right. I feel like I am really changed. This motherhood changes me a lot and it feels great. But I am worried for husband. Let me share something too personal for me to consider *wink*. Every night I pray to God to please help him make his mind regarding on his health. I pray that don't give him lessons yet, instead chances because I know and I believe that one day he will realize everything. I know that God has a wide range of patience but I will also understand that he give lessons to those who forgets. Yet I am always afraid for the consequences of his doings.  I will never get tired of reminding him until he understands and with the help of my constant prayer I wish everything will start to change soon. Soon before we saw our second bundle of joy.

Here he is now, that arms isn't pure muscles anymore and the 8 months tummy.
I wanted to met this guy  again

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