Please Excuse Me This Time

I don't want to write anything negative on this blog since I was about to start to regain its rank. But situations pushing me through to write this one. Instead of being mean straight to them, to the person,  I chose to be a little nicer as I decided to write it here instead. Yes! I am nice as of this moment. Husband thought me a lot of good things and attitude to keep to myself. Maybe this is one of those he did influenced to me. But I can't stand it anymore. He had this guy so called friend who always bugging him to drink liquor every time he feels like. Wtf! Take note EVERY TIME HE FEELS LIKE DRINKING! He ain't even a real friend. Hubby is just doing this thing "pakikisama" and this guy is abusing him to the maximum level. This guy took advantage lots of services we had here in our business such as movie downloads, porn, wifi etc. I can take it still. Although this guy has no reputation of a good person in our place. I am not being judgmental I am just stating what I've heard about him. If he is hubby's friend from high school I doubt if I will write this kind of post in here.  What he did tonight, he came here with HIS VISITOR( HIS VISITOR) which both hubby and I and even mom don't know who and where the hell it came from. It's like that we (the place is in our house)were going to accommodate persons we didn't know! I know the blame isn't only about to them but of coarse to my husband too and he knew it. He knew that I am PISSED OFF!

feRry jHoi ^.^  – (April 11, 2013 at 12:26 PM)  

pag masyado talagang mabait ang tao may tendency na maabuso :(

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