You & Me Time

We've been together ongoing for 7 years. Married two years ago and have our little master now for 17 months. Despite that numerous times I mentioned, though we didn't always planned but there's certain scenario that we always have the chance to have our "you & me" time. This excludes the baby on the scene.   Although it's been so hard for us finding a good nanny, we have our folks to look for her in times that were not around. We both believed that it is important to have a quality time like this for the two of us to reminisce and remember the old time, cherish, tighten more our relationship as couple. We need not to have vip escorts to enjoy the momentum. A simple date in a simple place nor venue. Even not having a grand candle light dinner. Just literally time together is enough. Sometime if we have an important errand to attend to or a meting or interview, that automatically becoming  our "our" time. Right after an errand we can do things we usually do when we were still in a  boyfriend/girlfriend stage. But of coarse there were times that we really plan a good date for us. Site of an instance watching a movie we both wanted to see in the big screen. We both prefer going out with our princess, so that our little master can explore too. The exception is on the big screen, movies we prefer most of the time is not suitable for a 17 month old.

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