PLDT myDSL’s best commercial for me is Booster, the Lost Dog

Yey! It's been ages since I posted something cheesy story in this page. Uhm excuse the newbie mom soon to be mother of two. hehehehe. But am not here to post something more about my snob and me today instead I wanna share something about a commercial that I am really fond of watching over and over again recently and even checking it out on youtube.

As my post title itself, I like the Booster, the Lost Dog commercial of PLDT myDSL. I found it really cute and realistic. Mom also loves dogs that even care to cook for her pets. Whether it may be a high breed or an aspin she really took good care of them. Like their mom in the commercial, I saw and felt their  mom's agony on the lost dog because I've seen the same reaction and feeling from my own mom a lot of times.
In addition I love  Aria's voice too and how she plays the organ. She's amazing! I like how her tone complement best on that commercial. Actually the writers for PLDT myDSL commercials were good. They deliver a concrete and valuable messages even in a short span of time commercials. Kudos to them.

The first about Derek’s Anna Banana Song and how his family supported him from to time.

When Derek got busted by Anna.

And how Aria saves Derek with a teamwork of her baby brothers or cousins ( I am not so sure of their relationship hehehe)

And the recent that I love most.

Some says technology sometimes ruin family relationships, but look into the bright side. It has a lot good contribution too that will tighten family relationship.

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