For the Groomsmen

Hey, it's been a while since I write a post for this blog. Actually all of my blogs kept untouched again for the nth time. I have been busy with the preparation of events. A christening, birthday and the wedding. I am tired (as always and haggard) but I am happy. After all this tired feeling I have that continually within me started three months ago, I don't have any bad feeling about it. Besides I enjoy being busy. Doing stuff like looking for unique groomsmen gifts   for the great guys who did participated well  on my brother's wedding is one of the most busiest thing I enjoy. It gives me new experiences , new information and more creativity I learned. Thank you isn't enough for all the help they have given. Years ago my brother's friends experienced a bad acquaintance with me. I am too childish and I literally hate his friends. I don't know what had happen that all of a sudden I became nice, maybe my mind finally back to its normal state and becoming good is better than hating people whom I don't really know. hihihi Back again, last year, as it was my bog day ,I never exactly knew what these groomsmen do. For me I just look at it as an accessory of the ceremony. Seriously, no hard feeling s to my husband groomsmen it's just that, I really don't know. Not until I arranged brothers wedding. I really felt and saw the existence of them. Surely simple thanks isn't enough.

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