27th High

I thought I couldn't make anything special on his day since I am a SAHM. Again for the nth time blogging moolah saves me!! Hubby is turning his 27th tommorrow glad that a week ahead moolah's already on my pp. I am not actually checking my Paypal account regularly. I only checked the email to be sure that I have been paid for the transactions I did. This is because whenever I am aware that I have some earnings there I am tempted to buy online deals. For the past five months I became an impulsive voucher buyer and I know that it isn't a good way of financing our needs. Anyway, I cannot afford  to give him a surprise since were together 24/7 but instead  I just plan of giving him a small party. It may be obvous but I know he will love it. Especially the fact that funds didn't came from our small business but on my blogging moolah. ( Until today he is hesitant to believe that I earn from blogging) Though he did experienced the fruit of blogging.

kimmy  – (July 13, 2012 at 6:17 PM)  

that's a good realization story.. belated happy birthday to your hubby..

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