Copy Cat

My baby is a girl but she loves to copy her Dad. As early as her age she was trying her best to do/use things her dad have. In a simple smile or for an instance his daddy is drinking water she will also ask for her bottle and drink too.  I don't know what's with her dad that she loves to copy. Her dad's smile, reactions etc. And know what, if her dad teach her something new , expect it that she can immediately learned it. You can ask her to repeat over and over again but before she did she will first make a look to her dad. It's like having a permission if she will follow. Hee hee . Daddy decided not to have a haircut and let his hair grow and because of that  he's now wearing my headband. Baby is fond of looking at it whenever her daddy wears it. Earlier she saw the headband on her chair  and trying to wear it on her head. And because she can't fix it right, I helped her and took this picture :)

See her priceless smile after I put her dad's headband on hers.

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