Family Date

Last Tuesday we, had our photo session at The  Picture Company. Baby was so happy of going out with mommy and daddy but know what, mommy is more than happy . lol. This going out serves our family date. I am always excited whenever this kind of occasion happens. I love to dress my little miss. Though at some point there's a part of me that I don't want  going out because still I cannot fit my old casual clothes. But then again because of the fact that I can dress my baby my hesitation easily vanishes pronto!  I have these clairvoyant ability that  sooner I can ramp again with my old size (^__^) Just being optimist (lol).
We had fun with the photo session. Karla the photographer is really accommodating and cheerful. She managed to make our little miss smile and cooperates to her. Knowing our little miss , she's cheerful only at home but outside home, it's really hard making her smile. That's why I give credits to Karla.  But before we left the studio Karla told us something about herself. That she as a clairvoyants foresee that the moment we stepped on the shop's door that  knew that she will be challenged by Lyxn.

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