Princess' First Summer Escapade

Easter Sunday to our place is the same day as ours feast. While most of our neighborhood busy preparing for something for their expected visitors our drama is different this time. This is the very first time we did not cooked for Easter Sunday since we lived here twenty five years ago. Yearly mom is always gaga preparing her recipe's every after holy week. It's also the time of the year aside from planned reunion, I got to see relatives from both sides. That's how they loves mom's cooking. It was actually my idea. Mom is not getting any younger anymore, and too much work isn't good at all. This is the time of her life wherein I want her to relax, chill and enjoy the pleasure of her hard work to us.   Preparations for such an occasions usually done by mom solely. I am not a good help for her. I ain't cook or even preparing ingredients is not my forte. Kitchen is totally not good for me especially if I am going to do it with mom. She can't take it moving around with me whom she describes as a turtle (she just moves extra fast when it's a kitchen thingy that's why! ). Instead of letting her be tired again as she was yearly I suggest if we could take a break. Plus the fact that we were currently in the process of business renovation. Everyday since March is a busy day. at first I was hesitant to ask her since it became a tradition to prepare every Easter Sunday. Gladly without thinking twice she said yes. And the ticket was paid a week before holy week. And I am so proud of myself that it's a blogging moolah that I spend to treat them. 

It's my Princess first Summer escapade. I am so happy seeing her enjoying the water. She isn't feeling good recently. She is in the process of teething. In addition, the weather this past few days was extremely hot. For a cuddable baby I have, she always feels uneasy and hot literally time to time. Probably one good reason why she immediately loves the water. I admit, I didn't fully enjoy all the attractions at the place where we went, but I don't care, I enjoy the moment most. Being my princess' slave is not a big deal. I don't want to give her to mom, cause I also want mom to enjoy the place.The moment she took a nap and mom was tired going around which was perfectly enough time to take our (hubby and I) moment to enjoy the place.

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