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This is an uber late post. Since my friend forwarded the pictures late too. Going back, I have a friend who marry a Korean national. A businessman whose businesses were based here in the country. My friend is a teacher by profession but now a full time wife and a mom. We've been friends since we were five or six years old. Been classmate from kindergarten to grade five and still schoolmates until high school. Though we never see much of each other after high school, friendship never ends even without communication and if my memory serves me right it's more than a decade since we last had our time together. Thanks to social networking sites. And now that we both have family, ties between us became more tighten as she gives us the pleasure to be Haneul's godparents. As I mentioned she marry a Korean national , partially the event include his husband's culture. Nothing more different from our culture except from wearing that birthday dress which called hanboks and their Korean friends and family feasting in almost on the floor for about a three feet table sitting on the ground.

I asked my friend if wearing hanbok is necessary since Haneul's feeling hot and uncomfortable. She said it's a must and can't do anything about it, it's her husbands tradition. Okay so hands up on discussing the dress. ut in fairness the dress is so cute. It just feels not comfy because of the garments texture. So all through the day Haneul felt uneasy and hard to smile in cameras. About feasting in that low table, as much as I wanted to try, I can't my tummy didn't allow me (lol) cause I need to do the army sit if I really wanted to try it.

It felt so good seeing her and the rest of her family(including her parents and siblings) in that event. I am glad I came with my own family for them to met. The adjectives how she describes me to husband back when the day that we were partners in crime . Funny and we indeed enjoy the day plus our princess is so cooperative, now friendly and cheerful to others. She didn't throw any tantrums all through the day. Hubby and I concluded that we can bring the princess anytime anywhere even by commuting cause she enjoy the crowd and the traffic too :).

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