Wanted: Super Woman!

I can now feel the super-woman in need of being a mom and a wife. Though we are living in my mom's house, she let me do everything for my little family. In addition of being a daughter too. I am not complaining. I just realize that  I am really old now. I have bigger responsibilities. Again and again, I give credits as always to my mom. Not only because it's mother's day tomorrow but as always, she did a very good job. I though I would be a spoiled mommy because we were living with her but that just in my imagination. She was always there to guide but not do everything for me. She serves her meaning very well. She's my constant reminder of everything and anything. As they all say, parenting has no manual, so might as learn from the experts and their experiences.  For some time I felt like I can't, hubby and mom was always there showing their support that I can. Most especially the little master that worth all this. And pays me double with her sweet little gestures.

kimmy  – (May 14, 2012 at 5:35 PM)  

that was very nice of you. your mom must be really proud..

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