Wedding at 7th Month

Who wouldn't love to look lovely and sexy on the special day?Like for as well a wedding day! Is it a gunshot wedding type for my ex-boyfriend suffered with because I am already pregnant?! Some people ask us why did we get marry though I am 7th month pregnant. Why didn't we wait for me to give birth first? Are we such in a hurry because of what people might say? 
This intriguing questions that we had to answer earlier,in and after our wedding day. It's like a big deal to get marry if the woman is pregnant. Even the priest and catechist ask us the same questions during our seminars. Actually I am also one of  them who ask the same question to my husband. Of course I wanted to be sexy not unlike I am in my pictures.

Here are my ex boyfriend's answer:
  • He said it's been five years that we were living together, that fact already gave us a sin for we were not blessed. (So basically it's not a gunshot wedding dear friends =)). 
  • Then he said that obviously were engaged to pre-marital sex because we were living together. (Super agree!)
  • Third, "when I ask you to marry me in the church you always said that it's too impractical and expensive. You always prefer a civil wedding and this time around when I got you pregnant you finally said yes. Maybe you think I am not serious and going to think twice because we need to settle first the baby's necessities and the giving birth fees.But those worries in expenses didn't stop me to pursue the church wedding. It is the first time you said yes and I know that if you already gave birth and think for the baby's need you will again insists a civil wedding." (He knew me well^^)
  • Fourth," I never believe in the sacrament of civil wedding. I only know and believe one process of being married, blessed by man and by God." (ouch!)
  • Least reasoning is that I am very much secure that our angel going to use my last name.hehe (am I a threat of threatening him?lol)
  • Lastly he said that "we've done so much mistake for years in our life together , it will be a best start if we start it all now in a blessed way.
Those answers I received from him is what I always use/said when we were asked. I knew from the start that he is pure-blooded Catholic and practiced Catholic norms. But I never expects that much. His fourth answers were the words that amazed the priest who interviewed us. Those satisfies some people's intriguing minds.(including me lol)
We we're not after on what  people around might say, I have to  respect my husband's beliefs and decisions. Though I am much of a nega because I am not going to look good that day, yet it gave me a different very light feeling after the wedding ceremony. After five years of living together our first night last August 20, 2011  was the most relaxed, peaceful, complete and very happy night.

f e R r y j H o i  – (September 9, 2011 at 10:34 AM)  

haha :) natawa ako sa sagot ni felix kha!! pero may point naman talaga sya!!! lalo na sa civil wedding! ako din eh!! the only thing i know is a sacrament of wedding in church talaga!!

>> kahit anong sabihin ng tao ang mahala nag kakaintindihan kayo. gora naun!! keber nila diba?

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