Celebrating 5 Years Together

We just got married last 20th of this month. We actually wanted our wedding day the same day as our anniversary as lovers. But since our anniversary falls on weekdays August 24 is Wednesday, we considered our visitors work schedules. Having a different date for our wedding anniversary didn't mean that we will also move our lovers anniversary date. Instead we actually celebrated it with more blessed and overflowing love to each other.
Since our honeymoon getaway has been postponed , we planned to stay at Red Ginger Farm also known as Balay Indang. A day or two stay in the place will supposedly serve as our honeymoon. I already booked a schedule for it but again seems somethings holding us back to be far from home. So we decided to cancel it. We end up going to Immaculate Concepcion Church in Baclaran.Finished  a three pm mass and  novena.Pray together. Prior to that we give ourselves last time to pig out on Max's Place. As much as we love rice, we both have 3 extra rice.=)).. Last time because we were both be on a diet after this!
 After mass we decided to watch at IMAX. and again as always most of the movies currently showing in the cinema were downloaded by my snob, we had a hard time choosing what we're going to watch. After an hour of strolling inside IMAX theater lobby, we finally decided to watch Conan the Barbarian. 
As always the flow of the story was very common, but we still enjoy the movie and the movie house checking other lovers. Lesbian and gays, and normal boyfriend girlfriend lovers.
These date was far from what we planned on what to have on our fifth year. We were actually looking for it to be celebrated out of town, outer than our place (lol) .Like what we had in the first plan in Cebu and Bohol. But most important thing happened why plans didn't pursue is to be considerate most with our bundle of joy inside me. We can celebrate our anniversary as simple as it is as long as no one's health will be compromised especially our baby. Maybe soon if we were three we can pursue the same plans.

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