I'm With You

I'm with you through thick and thin, sickness and health, richer and poorer. Seemed to be a vow in a wedding but for me it's a promised we said to each other the very first day we found that we're in love.

Seems like a title of Avril Lavigne's song?. It's my word to him. He was afraid of his minor operation. First time on his life and as much he wanted not to undergo, I chose and insists  him to do it now. He undergone an appendectomy, it is  minor surgery but later part will become a major if not threatens. It was Wednesday last week when he complaint of stomach ache. He even asked me to soothe the pain by massaging it. As a nurse by profession I first assessed him. I know and I doubted it that it was not just a simple stomach pain. The pain started in his lower right quadrant/side of the stomach, radiating and has rebound tenderness. I refused to massage instead convince him to have a check-up. Bull's eye! I knew it that his appendix is inflamed. Right away at the emergency room the physician discuss the nature of appendicitis. The treatment and complication if not treated. He looks flushed and I know he's afraid. I utter this word " I'm with you" . He smiled and held my hand. Somehow it helps to calm him down.
In the operating room, I am nervous as if it was my first time to be outside waiting. Good thing I have a friend which is an operating room auxiliary. His also a nurse and only designated at the o.r. It was  6 months ago since we met and we are not even that close. But I know he likes me..hahaha.. I knew because he said it to me before!. I used that charm to ask a favor of going inside the o.r.  I know it's prohibited and his job might compromised of my request but I am so much thankful to him for letting me in. I am then relief and comfort seeing huny's vital signs and wound closed then.I whisper to him again though his sleeping and under anesthesia that I am with him. I don't know if he will remember or heard it but I believe he did somehow by dreams or hallucination. I owe the my friend much and a simple exchanging number already a payback to him. Glad that I have good and powerful people with me. (=
When he woke I up, I am the first he saw. I told him I am always here all through the operation. He smiled and say "I know".. See, I guess he heard me.

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