I Miss The Days I Hear This Song With You

I heard this song last Friday, when our trainer plays it while we were taking our assessment exam. A longing feeling that I felt that time. I miss my drinking buddies. Buddies that caugth me when I am in the middle of darkness, broke into pieces by a first heartache. I will never forget how we love and admire, listening together with ColdPlay. I miss you so much boyfriends. Kuya, Jim, Ar-em and Samuel. This post for you guys. 

Btw, Kuya welcome to blogging though you chose to use other blogging platform. Good luck to blogging. Blog all your flaws, hurts and happiness. Never forget your secret affairs.*wink* (=

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Namz  – (November 8, 2010 at 4:38 PM)  

Aahh sweet melodies. Happy MM girl. Have a great ahead.

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