Teaming Up

Guess who's teaming-up??

Between me and Huny, I was the first one who entered in a bpo as a part of the executive operations. I have been with the industry for  less than 5 years. I have been here even before I met huny. Since I am a stubborn, compulsive, young adult before, I never stayed in one company. I am more into hopping where will I be benefited the most. I know it was a poor attitude but practicality, I somehow sustain my needs. My brother only finance my tuition in nursing, and I am thankful to that help. But that help was not enough for me to make it everyday and the projects. It is too much if I ask more than what he will give so I decided to make my way to help myself . BPO really help me a lot. I remembered some time in 2004, my friends at Cavite doubtful to believe that I am in a call center. Some especially the guy friends, concluded that I am into prostitution or club work since I am always at graveyard shift.That somehow seemed to be a compliment to me..hahaha  I never get offended to that fool joke. It's because I don't even know how to put make-up on. I only knew lip gloss, since I have a cracked lips and a black eyeliner, to emphasize my red fury eyes  And being told that working in a club means I am sweet(no I am not)caring(I am careless)glamorous(I'm formerly guy lol).

Last year that I have had finished nursing, I came back to the industry as a full time employee. Huny was currently a business manager in a marketing/networking company. Our schedules didn't fit. Even my rest days although I do have a two day off. His was a constant weekend while mine is a rotating one. He kept on persuading me to stop working since he can sustain our needs. But I am a woman can't live without my own career. Frankly speaking I want money. Money to buy myself and to pamper my love ones. Money to travel. I can't be always asking even though it was him for even a little penny. Unfortunately he can't win over the career I chose. Good thing of him he never stands for what he wanted me to do. He just supported me. 2009, the company he was working that time is about to leave for other location. He was asked to still be part of it but he refused. It will be transferred somewhere in  north province. We have planned of having grand quality time for a month. I filed for a leave and his consistency persuading me gets back. I am just another woman in love ;D.He won this time and I resigned.

By that time we both don't have a job. Right in time the opportunity in a bpo knocks to him as an IT Help-desk Analyst. He was hesitant but I pushed him through. Now he was turning a year in the industry this 26th of October and his loving it. The job, the people and the culture most especially the compensation too!

Again who teamed up??

It was me..hahaha..I once decided to give up bpo. Be a nurse, a faithful to profession. But faith didn't permits. I tried my best to  be a licensed nurse but it was not for me.  This is just an option for me. But since I can see to huny that he's enjoying to with bpo, well I must follow him..Just another woman in love ;D.Now, he was consistently in the industry  in his first company while I am bummed for 8 long months at home. I missed him every night that he's away.And I can't slept beside him in the morning because I have a lot to do so not mentioning the business we just established. I need to look after it. Now were both in each other's building at night  but in the morning we can be together and without excuses at all.

If you can't beat him, join him.. (=

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