I will be Carefull then

I have posted here not so long ago about selling my previous phone. I do love that phone but it doesn't meet my expectations at all. At one time I thought that it would be the best(alternative to iphone ) among the rest. Fortunately having it and using it for about a month sent me to a conclusion and a geek decision of it was not really meant for me that I have to let it go. So then I now know the phrases " be careful what you wish for".. It also serve to me a lesson that not all what I saw was true and can always provide convenience. I admit I am some kind of a dumb on techy stuff. Though not for everything but most of it. And to feed my head I always visit techy sites to be informed basically.For this instance,I am indeed little bit guilty for letting it go knowing that it was a gift to me by my beloved. But the idea of selling it still came from the person who gave it itself. He always want to make me happy. He always wanted to give me the so called fulfillment and if by chance the contentment itself. Though I am not showing it or complaining for the hassles the former phone gave to me, he still sensed that I was not really happy with it. I wished to keep it as long as I can but since it was suggested by him, no need for me to deny nor hide what I really wanted. Since he knew what possibly could make me happy and contented then it was replaced with a brand new Sony Ericsson T700. Which now I for surely will keep and if possible will be forever.Thanks for the patience Hun. Thanks for being kind. I so lurve the new one.
Promise to take care of it. And I will never ever buy a replacement for these until you buy me again.Lol

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