Sunday's Best

Yesterday we attended a christening for hon's God daughter. Quite unexpected that the family of their former driver is a Born Again in religion.. We were both surprised knowing it and attending almost a two hour mass excluded the christening mass itself (they call it dedication) . And the ceremony(the christening) almost took one and a half hour before it ends.. I am not complaining about it but it just that I am not used to it.. Attending ceremonies that took that long.. Also hon too.. The funny thing about it was the rest of the Godparents were also Catholic like us and feeling the same thing as I was(surprised).. Just for a clarification, I am not laughing at their rituals, I am laughing at the reactions from the Godparents I have seen.. After the event since the Meadowood Village was only headed from SM Bacoor, we decided to stay and have a short visit at the mall were Honey once worked.. He visited his former co-employees and bring something for them..

While strolling at the mall we end up ourselves at the movie haus part of the mall and stared amazingly at the tarpaulin posted of the movie G.I JOE. . We have talked before we enter the mall that we are not spending too much for that day and we decided to save more money for future reasons.. Staring at the poster make us feel both eager and urge to watch for the said movie.. Hon and I were being practical nowadays, watching dvd's at home while having our favorite foods to accompany us. It is more less expensive and we can watch more than one movie in a day. Since this certain movie keep calling our curiosity we decided then to watched it and again make a promise that this would be the last time we will spending too much for a day. No regrets! the movie was awesome!.. It is a combination of six great movie concepts naming TRANSFORMER, ROBOCOP,X-MEN,STAR WARS,MATRIX AND IRON MAN. It was another must to see movie I could refer to. I really like the movie unfortunately I cannot elaborate the details that made me like it.. All I can say the amount anybody would spent was worth for the movie.. Find and see it for yourself guys...

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