Since our anniversary placed on first working day of the week, we had no choice but to sneak out before the anniversary date itself.. Every year we were celebrating or rather to say reminiscing the very first day how we felt madly in love to each other. Literally celebrating anniversary is like doing the same thing or likely as it was happen on the very first day of "us" years ago.. Watching movie at the big screen (the for kids movie actually :D), showing affection (but not too much :p) in public, dining with the unfamiliar restaurant( trying something new), playing at Timezone for about an hour, going to spa (while chatting about the good old so happy memories) and the finale my favorite blizzard.(also becomes he's favorite)..That exactly what happened earlier. Exchanging gifts will happen later at the eve..hihihi...We spent our day on the North ( Sm North) just to experience or explore something new. It's not our first step at that place but it is our first tour on there. And really the place was so good. But still nothing beats Serendra as of now..hehehe ... What surprise each and every of our moment was the changes(maturity), the melodrama scenario and simple little thoughtful(kilig) stuffs. Unfortunately we are so happy and both overwhelmed and forgot to took some pictures but as what Huny always says, " being with you and the picture of your smile everyday most especially on our day was that enough to keep in my heart and memory than a hard copy of it". sosyal! Anu daw?..hehehe Well anyways I guess this is just an excuse haha.. We really forgot to look at our phones the wole day. We even forgot we have..hahaha.. I am quite dissapointed I cannot post it in here but thinking twice, if I keep myself busy capturing every moments it would be a hassle anyway..Just be it no need for evidences..hahaha..

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