it's a dull feeling if somebody whom u used to lean unintentionally leave u behind..that she/he did what just she/he think was right and nice for others but turned negatively towards u...the fact that situation has good intentions but the outcome did not as expected...so what to do then. the one felt dull had to make it up so for the things, acts etc. have been done..it's not just only pride but also an attitude!.leave something for someone .. the least the person could have is his/herself when everything was ruined..be composed and independent.. leaning onto others will not help a person to grow, avoid being dependent so that no one will follow as well..be a model with the constituents....otherwise be independent so u should be the one to be leaned with and can stand loud and proud... culture affects a lot..hate to say but it was a real bullshit! ,,l,,

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