Valentines 2014

I never expected that I will still celebrate Valentine's day. For husband and I swore that everyday is a valentines to us as long as we we're together and happily facing each day with our little gems. That's why I am really surprise that day I received something from him. He picked me up from work from the usual place he did, we ate and have some little chat. Prior that week was a tough journey, since our son was confined aside from financial problems the thing that both of us bothers most was the condition of the baby. Thank God he never let us walk through our path alone and always let us feel blessed. Back again, he surprised me of a heart shape stuff with "I Love You" prints, an authentic Guess wallet and the most that touched me was the letter made by him. So personalized and so touching. Then again a frugal me attacked as I asked him why buy me an expensive wallet instead save for our kids necessities. He answered me that he bought it month before Valentines and before our son hospitalized. I told him that the letter suffice everything. For a person who rarely talk about his feelings, imagine what was the letter contents. So be it. Feels like yesterday we met as he let me feels I am still that special all through these years we've been together. This post was a bit late since I get pissed off from some issues of our customer at the shop. But I promised to myself I forgave her yesterday which I did. :)

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