Snob Proudly Stands as Mine

I attended our batch reunion last Saturday. Though I am pregnant and the usual party for me is getting drunk, I still did enjoyed the party. Everyone misses me.. Seems like my presence is an impact and I am so overwhelmed for their treatment not because I am pregnant but because they really misses me much. They even recall some good old stories with my naughtiness and sad for that day wherein I can't be in that mode for I need to be more cautious cause I am not only one now.
The first guy I formally introduced to them , me, Aimee, Judith and Boron (for confidentiality purposes only, he's Mr. Smiley)

Like as we always did, the party started late, but still I need to go home with huny. They told me I can only go home if I let them meet my fiance. They were so eager  to know whom am I going to marry. Who on earth can go along with my craziness and even agreed to marry me..hahaha. I only brought one guy since the last time we held a reunion. And they thought it was the same guy. Which is absolutely not! Though at the university during those days they knew I had a lot of flirtatious guys friend. ( I am just friendly). They even contacted Huny in the office and said as if I was kidnapped that they will not allow me to leave the party without meeting him.Of coarse that was just a joke. Without their knowing huny will really pick me up that day since it's already late and we're going home straight to Cavite.
 Boron and Benjie and Huny's Arms as they were telling more about me..

Jes, Tyrene with her Baby Boy, Rica, Paul(behind me)Judith, Huny,Boron and Echo

Then they had the chance to meet Huny. Boron and Benjie were the guys who accommodates much to Huny.  They told  lot of stories craziness and even my kindness. Oh my God, I am not aware I had some.Lol .. From being a drunken master to peacemaker to ice breaker and a lot more. Boron calls me Labya.. In dual meaning. In nursing term it's a genital part for I was so green as he said. And for other term it's an endearment. 
I was so amazed how huny reacts with their stories and huny shared stories of us too. I didn't expect that. If you guys knew him, he prefers to be a listener than a story teller. I was so touched how he shared our love story to them. So before we leave , we were the topic of conversation with endless jokes.

Huny said he had a great time with my friends and knowing some of my naughtiness I never mentioned to him. And when we arrived home, before we sleeps while touching my tummy , told me a message that I pretend did not heard by not reacting.

"How many of your friends will tell me that I am so lucky having you.?" Whoever them all I will always be proud having you, I love you Huny good mornight "

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