26th Year of Existence

For I am aware that I only knew you in the recent 5 years . Exactly the day we met and counting more.  I wasn't aware that we have been together since were young. We're classmates in summer classes but we're not aware of. We have pictures that surprise us both as we checked our childhood photos for our preparation in our upcoming wedding. Faith lead us to different paths but still at the end of the line destiny made us met. That's how magic played into our life. Love unexpectedly. I still remember the first day you describes me as  a thin short lady, who was engaged in vices whom you said you'll never like for a lady. Yes you didn't like me but loved me and loving me. ;D and now calling me fat (same to you =)).. I still remember the days you were asking what's my shirt size, will you be looking to a teens or kids shirts to choose from to give as a gift to me, and today looking in the plus size to annoy me. (just like you ^_^) I have been by your side in your worst and best. We matured together and we will be growing old together. 
Another year added for us to celebrate more. Now that we'll becoming three, you've become more of a loving man than ever before. Thank you for being you. For trying your best to give to me and to our angel literally everything that you can. The love, patience, understanding and lot more that you give to me every single day. How you make everything so light and positive in our darkest journey.

Happy Birthday Huny.. My snob, my best friend, my playmate, my commentator, my adviser, my pastor, my defender, my fan who always supports me, my lover, my partner and most especially my hubby.

Happy happy Birthday and We (our angel and me) Love you so Much..

lhekkz  – (July 9, 2011 at 1:53 AM)  

Nice.. Thanks a lot! I love you both. God bless us:-)

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