One Two Step

Things are different now. It's totally different. I remember when Tata said before "iba na talaga buhay namin ni Joey simula nung araw na nalaman namin" (Things are different since the day Joey and I fopund out.) It's different feeling. Feeling a new adventure and path to take seriously. Now I understand what they means. Huny is more excited than me. More exaggerated than me. Extra caring than me. Sometimes I wanna feel like he's just caring extra of me because of the precious. Not solely and directly me. But that silly thought easily vanished whenever I hear him say a single word. He changed a lot. More mature and more of a man now. He's not a boy now. He knows now. I wanna thank Him how much he changed our life now. Hope and pray that everything is for good .
Thank you dear God. Hope you continue blessed me and huny and my now little family.

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