Can't Be Away Without Me

It's for you snob!
He can't be away without me. Sweet but seems to be a threat. Sweet because it feels like he needed me always and he can't stand long in a place without me. A threat beause this means depending. Five years I established him to be independent. I succeded! He did, but not fully independent. Only to those people he used to depend with. He seems to be indepedent. But with me. He can't! Or maybe He was just worried for me. Since we're having our angel and he wants to take care of me full time. I shall look at it that way. Soon I will fiure it out..
I know you read my blogs though you say you don't. In your reactions,some sort of teased and your punchlines I knew you read it. Don't get me wrong on this. You know what I wanna be rigth?! I love you.. (=

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