Talking About Reality and Immorality

This post seems to be a blind item..hihihihi I don't want to post this on facebook, it might reached the unreachable.

But no kidding this is true.

Whether the "it" is a girl or guy, it doesn't matter I don't want to drop gender especially name because I know the "it " will knew about this.

 I had this conversation with a good friend.I think so. We talk about everything seemed so light and opinionated in the way we look things and stuff of  real life. We met halfway on the topic of immorality and truth in life. We shared the same opinion . 

But this it friend seemed to be  a different person in front of all. Or rather the it, is absolutely presenting a different itself while having conversation with us. The inconsistency of what the it's opinion was so clear.I am wondering if the it could be a good or a bad person enough to be trusted. I somehow trusted the it because I knew the it on its bad with no pretensions and not even trying too. I wonder if I can hold on the it's words, perceptions shared and facts that I have learned from the it, believing and knowing the it in a different way. By the way I have known the it in it's  worst itself. I guess so.

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