Moving On

 Glad that Hun is moving on. Though I know it was not totally and I guess it will be really hard to totally moved on at least he's trying to work things out into better now. After what happened to his brother he was totally broke and very emotional about it. I never saw him that  way. Crying too much. crying when he awakes in the morning or in the middle of the night, before sleep, when alone and when talking topics about his brother and crying every little thing he remembers about Joel. It has been 17 days not enough time to be better that fast but at least not so depressed up until now. Slowly he was trying to accept things in less anger and hatred in his heart. It was a progress! Among to his family he was the least who accepts what had happened. He's been denial for about 11 days followed after anger and the rest as stages of grief(bargaining,depression) . Now he's in the last and better stage, the acceptance. I am so much happy for him. Thank you for the people who helped me guided Huny on his depression  stage. Thank you to those whom showed care for Huny. Thank you to Father Bubot for making Huny's faith more strengthen when it was weakened by his problems. Thank you to those whom helped and keep helping the family about the case. And most especially thank you Dear God for showing us as early  as now your works to the people who did the bad thing towards the family. I believe that you have your way for us but we never expects it to be right after immediately.


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