Clash Review Breather

(this was a good movie)

I started my comprehensive and refresher review last week and it was really a dizzy busy days. Good thing I am again learning new stuff about my field. One somehow disadvantage of it was, it really makes me busy and occupied every time. Today is our review breather. Yesterday Huny ask me for a date after my review. (and it is not me if I refuse lol)  It was his off and my review breather on Sunday so it will be fine if we have a casual date and breath for some time to our busy life. It was really a casual date that we used to do back when we were a month or two lovers. And we miss doing it. Way back before when we were dating we did window shopping, taking time while walking (at lahat pinapansin haha) . Chatting and took peak of every boutique or shops in the mall and  if tired,were going to buy a ticket for a movie taking rest at the movie house couch while enjoying the movie. It changes when Hun have his work at Manila. We only go to the mall if we have already decided what to buy and where to buy and about watching movie we will directly go to the movie house and after we will leave immediately. We don't have much time to hang around. 

Yesterday was a good old date. The date we used to do when we were first dating.


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