Not so Good Yet Better

A not so good yet better to be heard news. Hon's Uncle end up fighting cancer. After being diagnosed last September of Skin Cancer at Stage IV-B, He now end his battle October 19Th. It started as what his uncle personally defined as pimple that doesn't heal last August. And it begins to deteriorate his facial tissues.First major reason why he was brought to the hospital was his sinus bleeding. After that hospitalization, he's burden started. Cancer cells destroys first his eyes and in a short period of time his uncle suffers a lot because of that illness. I personally can feel his pain. Way then 10 years ago my father also suffer from cancer and the primary symptoms only it shows on us was the abnormal growth of tissues on his neck. Fortunate to my father he didn't suffer that much and that long not unlike hon's uncle. He really wanted to fight. His mind and heart still fighting for his life but his body can't bear it. Maybe one of the reasons why he can't let go was his family. His 4 young kids and his pregnant wife. I can say its is better for him to accept than to stay in that situation for long. Half of his face already deteriorated, literally half, from his jaw the cheeks and eye.He even vomits his own flesh( pardon to those who read this post)this is not exaggerating but truth. That's why I can't even imagine how long he can suffer that. The reason why I post this as better to be heard.

  • To Tiyo Budoy
you can rest now, don't worry too much for your family. God will always be here to guide them. You have shown how much you wanted to live for them. You have shown us that much. It's for you to rest and be with the Almighty..Rest in Peace.

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