Happy 38th and Now with LWS

Yey! It's another month to celebrate being together and surviving life challenge! Forgot to blog aboutthat honey was jobless since September 2nd. The business owner where he worked, change her line of business. From marketing to salon. Unfortunately hon was not in a choice to be in a salon for any position may give unto him. But one thing good to him, he hasn't been a real bum for(unlike me)lol the period of time from September until yesterday. He's still into his part-time buy and sell of computer parts and gadgets,setting up high-end specs desktop computers and maintaining a computer shop. Last night was the another career opens for huny. On the spot he was hired as an IT Staff at LWS Media. At 3 am he signed his contract and instructed to report on duty on Monday at 10 pm! Another career path surely he loves. Also thanks to my cousin Empoy for letting him know about the vacancy of that position and for the help. One of the great gift he received on the eve of our day.Happy 38th huny!. I love you..mwuach..

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