i am a happy born..

at first quite hesitant...

both unsure if to go or not to go to..(bayantel..hehe)

hmmmm.. this is it... 300 php should be consumed well
first shot on the rails..hahaha
this guy was so cool and funny..so real..

unlimited turn shows in the yellow badge on my wrist

so what if problems keep crushing me down..now even before i don't give any care to those prob..i can't resolve it by mocking alone..there's so many things to enjoy in my life..hahaha this is kHa! a freelancer! a happy adventurous jolly being!..as what pit bull says "go on girl!"..hurray..thanks to ever dearest bru for being with me all through my rough journey
my fingers are freezing yet we love it on ice.. trying hard..

.. alabyu bru!..
it's my first time on the rink..i never knew how.. i know how is it to be when it comes to roller blades but not on ice skating.. it serves as my strength hehehe i can do it..someone dear commented on us, we looks like penguins on the rink..hahaha we loves bars and walls(for safety purposes..)hahaha we have a lot of so called real life bloopers...i really enjoy that day.. ooopppss Jayson my old friend colleague and my soul mate's ex- boyfriend now bru's suitor and hopefully future guy..hahaha cross finger... we also love the cam fone..sony Ericsson's k770i ..love it..were so gorgeous in every shots no matter angle..hahaha(chime on trouble)*wink

break time.. shots!
Jayson chilling yet patiently waited us..hahaha

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