Heart Month and the Heart Season

  • it's February, the heart month...earlier before the heart month wasn't that celebrated most of the people in the country(Philippines)..Celebrated but not that obviously..often times before, only young lovers celebrating it..though we have here the feast of hearts day which was named The Lovapalooza... This was celebrated or held at the specific scheduled mall every year since five years after and done by locking of lips of lots of lovers/couples on the hearts night or eve conjoined by the beautiful fireworks presentation and awesome programs..

the feast started year 2004 sponsored by the leading toothpastecompany (Close Up)..

on the first year the event held 5,327 pairs participated..

As surveys and news said year 2005 was the record breaking year reached almost 5,700 pairs attended which was the reason to be included on the Guinness book of world records

5,986 pairs on the following year

6,124 pairs on 2007

and almost 7,000 pairs on the year 2008.....

Can we ever imagined it..it was counted as pairs..whoa! what a great number of Pinoy kissed..hehehe hmm what to expect this year?.. Filipinos are really born romantics...

For how many years of being with huny, we never ever went to that event..we have nothing against of it but only our schedules didn't fit to attend on..if we were only be given enough free time we would be one of the thousands present in that Lovapalooza..but that thing doesn't matter on us that much..we solemnly, privately (hihihi)simply but meaningful celebrating our every hearts day.. for the record and experience as well, huny and i thinking of be present on it by tomorrow.. but still not yet sure..hayyy...as my pre- valentine gift to huny i gave him a little cute stuff.. i gave him Patrick with a card..Spongebob's best friend.. huny is my Spongebob and I am his Patrick..hehehehe..Patrick never leaves Spongebob no matter how Spongebob done such foolishness and faults unto his friend..Patrick stays at his side and remains forever a friend..My real life Spongebob did something foul but I was here, still here to be his Patrick..not in a sense of being a millennium martyr just being a good housewife to my husband..besides it only happens once..one is enough..and also my Spongebob is a wise man..one word is enough for all that matters..

ohh before i forgot.. it's our group mates birthday today..if my readers would remember, Kevin Merluza..Happy birthday pare!...

and also today hmmm..yipee.. my good old classmate friend whom courting my bru is now finally a lovers..hehehe..quiet expected but still I am happy for them..I know Jayson wouldn't hurt Bru.. and if Bru would do vice versa..hmmmm.. all out still on Bru's side..wuahaha (i know i'm mean)..so much touched with Yson's effort..Straight from graveyard shift work from Paranaque Manila to Marikina City just to give his presents to Bru..Too much effort award!!..and because i am a great gossip just on our group ha i know and I've seen what he(Yson) had given..he gave a awesome Garfield stuff..(bru is fond of cats obviously!..) with the flowers(as the spirit of hearts day)hahaha and i thought that was all.. on the way on the cab, he gave Bru a letter in a glass tube sealed together with an anklet..whoa!..he's so sweet...aside from that surprises he treated me all the way and fun at G4 ..He forgets he was dead tired just to be with bru!..aw!..He also brought Bru nearby home..hihihi(not at home)ssshhhh!...Astig!.. great moves Dude!!

Happy Valentines DAy

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