Am I Lucky Having You?

You are not the typical sweet guy( or probably just to me) . You cannot help me with household chores by heart. You are not that sensitive to me. You don't want me to dress up. Only 30% of my ideal guy is what I've found about you. Seems I never had my dream guy on you. Despite of, I know I am too much lucky and BLESSED having you.
Your not sweet but your over protective .
You're not doing household by initiative but you will work hard to fund somebody else do it instead of me( not a practical wife but I appreciate that).
You are not sensitive because you want me to open up and not solely bear troubles on my own.
You don't want me to dress up because you always make me feel I am the fairest of them all. ( though I am 100% aware of the fact lol).
30% of my ideal but 101% of others desiring to have. You are too good to be mine. What I have done on my past that I have been so blessed having you.

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