Adjustment Again

We are again  moving and this time it is farther from the places we are used to. I am somehow familiar because it is most of the places I am having a duty with when I am still a student nurse. Gladly it is cheap, convenient to office and a big house. As usual another adjustment from a landlord's terms and condition. Adjustment from commuting to work. Adjustment to neighbors. Good thing we are used to it! Adjustment! hihihi.. Huny is the one benefited the most of our new abode. Actually we did moved again because Huny needed more time to rest and to consider that he was just done an operation. I was fortunate that the company I am working with able to transfer me to company's another site nearer where we will live. Thank God everything is set and in control. The least worries that we have is about the business although I know and I trust that it will be okay since mom going to handle it!

f e R r y j H o i  – (January 12, 2011 at 5:12 PM)  

yay!!! so matatagalan nanaman pala tayong mag kikita!!!
sadness -->>

Yung CD ko huh!! don't forget!!!
am hoping for your availability to do our NEXT project kha!!! hihi

-->> am just here, waitin'

Mrs. Solon @_@ (awwoo)

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