Wedding Pressure

Lots of colleagues and friends are into getting married topics. I'm quite fuzz hearing wedding bells whenever I went with my different group of friends.I was wondering "matanda na ba talaga ko"?. I know I am 24 and aware of it. But when my guys asked me when will be my wedding day I paused, think and ask do i have to get married now?lol... I am a liberated woman. I know. It's not that I don't like getting married but just wanted to take life not too seriously. But then again my gorgeous knight in shining armour enter the scene.All through the years being with him, he always ask me to marry him.I also answered yes but not yet now. Recently he again told me, is it ok to get married this time?.. Got no words to utter. Is it again a proposal? Why did I feel so different from before when he ask me to?. He told me everybody in town planning of getting married it's not that he wanted to run with their flow but instead he wanted us to start anew chapter. He also told me that we've been together for long enough to know accept and understand and love more each other. He says he wanted to shout to the word he's lucky having me and want everyone to witness how he crave to marry me and to be his lady officially.Viola! Speechless! That's a long phrase! I doubt if how long he practiced that! hahaha.. Seriously I am so flattered to hear those.He ask me what is it holding me back to marry him.Is it something that I am not sure of him. I answered of coarse not. It's his family. Not that he's family doesn't like me but I was thinking of his responsibility to his family. I know how hard it is for him. His the eldest and the bread winner.He have responsibilities more than I have. And the rest was a melodramatic conversation end up of me saying yes next year! Hindi ako napilitan ah!. He's just too good in explaining that's why he make me answer yes next year this time. 

Knowing my friend Jean is getting married next year, also Ferry on the year after next year. Also my brother's sister in law next year and my Makati colleague also next year, I am now pressured wherein I can feel how many stuffs to include in preparation for it.


I told Huny to have a civil wedding to lessen the expenses and not to my surprise he said NO! Because Father Bubot will be the one going to tie our knot with us. whew! 

thinking of the expenses, can't hardly –   – (December 16, 2009 at 7:33 AM)  

kHa...hindi ako sanay tinatawag mong ferry...

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