a success to life starts from pain..

whoa!..haixx nmn the title ayt?...it is simply about me on my new vice....i am developing a new vices..whew..such really a hard one!.,.this time it has a good benefit esp to my health..often times pertaining to vices where health harmfuls but now more opposite on it..i am now having my session with honey.. as we had our semi-complete expensive(ehem!honey bougth it all..cash basis!..hehehe yabang nuh!)gym equiptments after the recovery we had planned of doing these every morning..as also part of our bonding moments..actually we had planned about it since the time honey suddenly notice my sexiness had some fats..there it all starts..due to some serious consequences it had to be delayed..of coarse..but now we were up to it..we were really decided...urgh!..although its painfull!..really!..imagine i was just doing a simple session but my body really aches, esp the tummy part..it is the only part of my body i had to work out thats why the program really focused on it...but i do wanted to have my shape back again that's why i'm willing..it was hard for me coz i'm not used to it coz i was born sexy..hahahaha..for real..
heres our gym equiptment and my handsome, loving instructor..the picture was not yet complete with the others..it is the partial pics of what we had..^_^

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