dated may 11 2008

mama & nanay @ yek

honey and i both came home at our place..xempre its mom's day that's why we had to be home..hehehe..bumili kame ng cake for mother earth worm and inang bathala nia..harharhar and for her sistah as new mom din.. grabeh inggit aq dun..ang lakas nia..19 stitches 7 lbs bouncing baby boy na hawig pa ni honey saya and sad din kasi for those who knew ..sad talaga..ah basta..nwaiz..sobrang bait talaga ni honey koh..napapancn q nga everytime i wrote in here lagi na lang bida c honey..para xang c jollibee hahahaha...laging bida..nagstay aq s kanila to see and feel the warm nmn his family..and lucky of me again nice ang familia ni honey..we're so legal!(conia b q!hmpf!)...same day i wnt back to our house din kc i had my duty that nyt at St. Matheus..speaking of it..lucky of having the new grupmates esp mark..cnsbay nia lang naman kame from main ave to san mateo w/c is really a big help na since gabi nga ang duty(* tipid pa sa allowance..the new guy at the group was so nice..altho lagi nmen xa inaasar..he's sportminded savi

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