if u are thinking of a break-up think of the following first:
can you live happily without her/him?

can you wake up in the morning knowing that no msgs will be receive by a particular sender?

can you end your day without sharing to someone whom you used to?

can you answer the questions "where,how is he/her"of your friends with a smile in your face?

can you gaze with the star and dreaming alone?

are you happy building your future alone?

can you say you are happy and contented without him/her?

are you happy each day it passed knowing it all ends?


it's a hard decision if u are used with relationship..if little thoughts or conflicts bother your relationship all you need is a nice conversation and openess. pride can't help even a little. changes is normal in everything,everybody and everyday the thing you had to do to cope with it is adjustment, understanding and time to talk.you can't just let wonderful dreams slipped that way. be brave, accept the fact, accept the person as it is, guide him/her to change the way you want but don't forced remember to respects oneself. explain the reason and how will it help the relationship. there are lots of reason to enjoy your life. specifically love life. don't let it spoiled by nonsense thoughts and little arguments. talk and eventually you both understand each sides. let pride excluded inside!..

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