Karren and Lhekkz

It all starts here..

We lose ourself in lust, my love;

Enjoy each other as a thing.

Make our flesh our fantasy;

My soul, your sycophant.

I would you would with me, my love,

Let all our voices sing,

Losing not one ecstasy

That some sweet sin might grant.

For love loves not that secret space

Where dreams turn into wounds,

Festering for lack of care,Untended but by stealth.

Love enjoys a secret grace,

Calliope of tunesInexhaustible,

For there,In trust, lies love's true wealth.


Our past is like a sculpture:

Cold, unyielding stone,

Shaped in all the heat of lifeBut now best left alone.

If you'd like to look at it,

I'm sure that you will see

Someone somewhat similar,

But not the same as me.

The difference is in loving you,

Which changes sex to light,

From ego-driven ecstasy

To mutual delight;

From self-consuming pleasure

That can the self destroy,

To self-surpassing tenderness,

And joy in giving joy.

I am no longer who I was,

But am completely yours

In all my passion and desire,

In all that faith restores;

So do not turn away from me,

Jealous of the past,

And we in our embrace shall dance

To music that will last.


The chance of happiness equals the risk of pain.

Whenever our love, it's too good to be true.

Even so, it's truer than we believe,

Nor will we know till it vanishes again.

Time is a sea which opens where we cleaveYet roils over what we leave behind.

For now, my love sings in the stars,

Or hisses against rocks like the sea,

Unraveling our life when you pause to grieve,

Returning with the sunlight, with the rain.


We met I didn't knowHow light a heart could be;

How, chained to one by bonds of love,

I still could feel so free.

We didn't realize that my dreams

Could ever be so real;

Or when we had all we could want,

Exactly how we'd feel.

This year of love has brought us through

A long-awaited door:

Were angels parked along our skies,

I could not love you more

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Thank You for your shared thoughts. You keep my heart beats lovingly fast.. :D
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